Vasari generations from 1870 until now

Cesare Vasari

He was born in Arezzo on 30 May 1846. In 1860 he moved to Rome where he started his prolific photographic career, opening ten years later in 1870 one of the earliest atelier for the photographic reproduction of art and architecture images from the Eternal City, which that year became capital of the rising State of Italy, under the House of Savoy.

Alessandro Vasari

He was born in Rome on 1 July 1866 and in 1898 succeeded to his uncle Cesare who at the same time moved to Florence. The Vasari's atelier in Rome has in this period a decisive impulse towards the commercial trends in the art and architecture of the capital city.

Tommaso Vasari

He was born in Rome on 21 March 1894. In 1929, he inherited his father's activity which had been practising since he was a youngster. Tommaso became photographer of the Royal House of Savoy and documented the artistic and architectonic events of that twenty-year period in Rome. He then completed his photographic work during the postwar reconstruction period.

Giorgio Vasari

He was born in Rome on 11 September 1931. Giorgio has enlarged the Vasari Archive with many artistic, architectural and industrial photographs which range from the public works of the 1960 Olympic Games to the images of major Italian companies - headquarters, production and adversiting cycles, ect. - in the years of the economic boom. He has also worked for national and international publishers at many important art editions concerning Basilics, Churches, Monuments, Art and Antique Galleries of Rome.

Alessandro Vasari

The activity of the Vasari Photographic Studio is today managed by Alessandro Vasari, born in Rome on 25 February 1957, who continues to enrich the Vasari Photographic Archive through photographic campaigns commissioned by public and private companies, national and international universities, national and international collections and national and international artists, with collaborations serving print and digital editions of Art, Architecture and Industry.